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... quickly gets to the point. She SEES you and you feel SEEN and "zack" she says SOMETHING that moves you, lets you (continue) to grow, so you can accept "it" and you want to develop (further).

Julia is loving and CLEAR. Her fine and coarse ways of working merge most imperceptibly. Her work is energetically very powerful, it pulls you out of your comfort zone and brings out the best in you. Her physical, mental and emotional presence cast a spell over both men and women - I assert that whoever works with her, is delighted afterwards, happy - they look happy(ier)-  , demand more (of themselves), see more sharply, feel more energized, more alive, are willing to give more, "get on their feet and walk again", love themselves and the world, and want to give something (back).

That's how I experienced working with Julia - and whoever now gets to thinking: wow, she must have fallen in love with Julia - I will barely object. ;-)))

Ines M. Fischer

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