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Julia Kratz combines many talents and a wealth of experience from a wide variety of fields with an intuitive way of working, which is unique to those who work at the height of their know-how and their creativityare, and are able to put together the bigger picture from the most varied issues and aspects. Your work is truly inspiring.

A.- Seminar participant "My Hunger - My Strength"

My workshop with Julia "Give me your Hunger!"


First of all, this course touched me deeply and moved me a lot. From the beginning Julia gave us a feeling of absolute welcome with her deep appreciation and empathy for every single participant. I was awakened to parts that had slept. Thus I was able to face the deep pain of being rejected by my mother and the misconduct of my father, which made me want to stop eating when I was two years old. In addition, other important backgrounds for my eating disorder became visible. Julia's very creative and extremely professional therapeutic seminar design opened up a space for me in which I felt protected, secure and very safe and was able to open myself.

I was fascinated by the diverse ressources Julia offered us to face ourselves. With systemic work, massage, dance, inner child work and much more. In connection with Juliet's patience, clarity and loving care, I came into deeper contact with myself with the desire to lead a self-determined, fulfilling life and no longer let myself be controlled by my food addiction by developing a healthy relationship with my hunger.

In these two days I have found courage and hope on the path to become myself, on the path of healing. I believe the entire annual seminar will be very helpful for my personal development. With deep gratitude I bow to Julia and her work.


E. - Seminar participant "My Hunger - My Power"

Thank you for this unique offer of a healing group "Give me your Hunger".

It is so good to be able to work on the roots, on what lies beneath the eating disorder, beneath the destructive behavior.

With her precise view, immovable self-confidence, Julia Kratz spies like an eagle at the core of your story through circles from high air. She holds on to it until you recognize it yourself. And then something can change, miracles happen.

Julia gives each participant a loving space to discover themselves. There is no excessive demands. Invitations only. She meets everyone at eye level. 'At my own level' is also a nice way to put it. Because she invites you to come to eye level. To become visible. Self-responsibility. There is no pressure and no must.

What I also like very much is that Julia can work so professionally using a wealth of ressources. And that she lets her intuition guide her dynamic approach, even if everything has a clearly structured framework. She provides a wonderfully safe framework. There are elements from dance and theater, dance and theater therapy, constellations according to Hellinger and the huge source of their own experience and recovery. She's walked the path herself, and that is a huge gift.

Thank you for being allowed to be part of this work and for the many insights it has brought me.

Thank you for the great women, each and everyone one and the space of mutual acceptance I felt and that made it easy for me to open up and get involved.

Thank you for the possibility of inner growth and the great support.

Thank you for this "love offer".

Are you in?

T. - Seminar Participant "My Hunger - My Power"

Dear Julia,

thank you for the fantastic day at your seminar. I am very excited about the way you saw where we stood and began working right away from there. You created a warm, trusting atmosphere within minutes. It was a lot of fun for me to get to know myself better through movement and sound. You had every participant and their specific needs in mind and you caught us with your open and authentic manner in every situation. I was sustainably well-fed and would like to come back and experience more of the same. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


M. - Seminar participant "My Hunger - My Power"

I took part in one of the two days of the healing seminar "My Hunger - My Power".

It was a direct hit for me. Although I personally do not suffer from an eating disorder, the root of lack of self-acceptance and self-appreciation is the same. Within a few minutes Julia had my trust and pointed me to my issues. Her knowledge of the intelligence of the body and the way she work to create healing through movement allowed me to surrender and start breaking free from old beliefs. The result is that I've come a little further on my recovery path towards freedom and self-love. The tools I have learned also help me in my family life with my two daughters.


S. - Seminar participant "My Hunger - My Power"

Julia Kratz combines many talents and an extensive wealth of experience from a wide variety of areas with an intuitive way of working, which is characteristic of those who are able to put together holistic images from the most varied of aspects at the height of their knowledge and creativity. Your work is truly inspiring.


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