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Julia Kratz came as a gift in my life as a mother. In my family of origin it was very difficult to establish healthy relationships. She helped me to overcome the difficult moments and to become a better mother every day, to be there for my children despite tiredness, insecurities, mistakes. She taught me that parents are allowed to make mistakes, and can always start anew without feeling guilty and show love to my children. She helped me to walk with tolerance in communicating with the other parent and to be honest for a harmonious family.

Vita Lo Russo

Sentences such as: "You are the big person - she is the small person" and "Children always only want contact" have given our family life a completely different alignment.

Thanks to Julia, I can break the dysfunctional family cycle of my family of origin and meet my children at eye level.

The process that resulted from working with her allows me to grow out of my role as a victim and no longer give in to feelings of guilt. As a result I can take responsibility for my life and feelings and grow up to be an emotionally stable mother, which has a significant impact on my children's behavior.

Julia's experiences has given me and my children a new life, filled with hope, gratitude, stability and love.

I can't imagine life without this woman anymore.

Susann Bruns

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